Nassau Community Connections, Inc. organized and hosted its annual Chicken BBQ Fundraiser at the Chandler Young Veterans Association (CYVA) in Nassau, New York. The event featured a drive-thru pickup, where residents picked up their dinners, which included 1/2 BBQ Chicken, a baked potato, homemade coleslaw, dinner roll, and two cookies.

Nassau Community Connections, Inc. would like to thank everyone involved in the event that enabled it to be a massive success, including Scouting Troop 166 and the CYVA. Scouting Troop 166 members helped cook and prepare the dinners, as well as run the food bags and tickets to and from the cars. Chef Mark Phoenix managed the cooking pits and cooked the chicken, Diana Murphy oversaw the making of the coleslaw, while John Imhoff and his wife (I forget John’s wife’s name) baked over 1,200 cookies. CYVA provided the venue, plus the cooking pits, hot boxes and kitchen facilities for all cooking and preparation of the food. Without these organizations, the event would not have been possible.

The fundraiser’s goal was to raise money to support the opening of Nassau Community Connection’s Community Center, located at the Grace United Methodist Church House, 40 Church St, Nassau, set to open at the end of August. 

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