To all:

Some quick updates after the Nassau Community Connections work party this past weekend at the Community Center. Below is a list of tasks still to be completed/figured out:

  • The floor in the office needs to be cleaned – Ken and Mary are going to do that during the week
  • Computer and printer need to be brought to the center – Mike Needham
  • Coffee maker and supplies – Mike Needham (we will be starting out with paper cups as there are no facilities to effectively wash anything)
  • Tablecloths – Laura Erickson
  • Blotter for desk – Mike Needham
  • Loveseat – we need a love seat that is in really good condition that has a fabric that is easily cleaned – anyone?
  • Lockbox with combination to be mounted outside for volunteer keys – Mike Needham
  • We will need food storage containers to keep pests out of snacks that we keep in the center – anyone?
  • We need to contact Chief Colonno, Nassau Police Chief, to invite him to the volunteer training – Mike Needham
  • We need cleaning supplies – anyone?
  • Mike Needham is currently working on the insurance application.  
  • At some point we will need to discuss with the church our percentage of the utility bills
  • Wifi and Tv connection – Lori Clark is working on this

If anyone has any interest in helping contribute or has resources they can provide to help fulfill this list, it is greatly appreciated!

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