The Nassau Schodack Cemetery needs our help.

The Cemetery is located in the Town of Nassau, just outside the Village of Nassau. Like many other cemeteries, it is a non-profit organization supported by its lot owners. Board Members serve without compensation and do not rely on government or religious organizations for support. The operating funds come solely from services rendered, lot sales, interest on invested funds and donations.

Nassau Schodack Cemetery is facing financial hardship. As expenses increase the revenues are decreasing. Lot sales have declined as well as the interest generated by investments and endowments. The Board continues to keep expenses at a minimum and still maintain the well-groomed appearance of the cemetery. This is becoming increasingly difficult. The Board continues to invest in higher interest earning accounts while meeting New York State requirements and seeks the most responsible contractor for services.
As the trees age and fall, it is costly to have them removed. The dirt roads continue to deteriorate which requires material and equipment. The vault was in disrepair and unfortunately needed to be razed. The care taker has not received compensation in many years but continues to provide the utmost attention and care to the cemetery.
The Board is very appreciative of the volunteers that help to clean up our cemetery and maintain their lots.

The Cemetery needs financial assistance in order to maintain operation of the cemetery for future generations and the loved ones interred there. Please help with a monetary gift. Every donation will be greatly appreciated.
You may donate via PayPal or mail a check payable to the Nassau Schodack Cemetery, PO Box 504, Nassau, NY 12123.

Those interested in volunteering to mow, weeding, etc., please email

To Donate: PayPal.Me

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