The Nassau Sunshine Fund is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation that makes small, no-interest loans to residents of the Town and Villages of Nassau. Since this not-for-profit charitable organization began in 2009, it has made 54 loans amounting to over $21,000.

The Nassau Sunshine Fund was formed to revive a neighbor-helping-neighbor organization that first came into existence more than 100 years ago in our town. Learn more about this history at
Due to the economic downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, even more people are struggling to make ends meet. The Nassau Sunshine Fund continues to offer no-interest loans that allow neighbors in emergency situations to get through the tough times.
The Nassau Sunshine Fund Board feels it is important for our community as a whole to support all of its residents and we hope you agree. We are asking for your support of our efforts with a donation. Anyone making a donation can be featured in a “made possible with the support of” acknowledgement on our website (, in our literature and at any of our fundraising events.
You may send a check to “Nassau Sunshine Fund”, PO Box 10, Nassau, NY 12123 or make an online donation on our website. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

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