Community Child Care of Nassau needs our help. CCC is located in Nassau Reformed Church and has served our community for at least 35 years. CCC offers child care and schooling for families within the community which is both extremely cost-effective as well as being right here in the Town. With schools operating remotely or on hybrid schedules, and families working from home, there has been a reduction in enrollment. This has affected CCC financially. It is important to the community that CCC remains viable so that when we move towards a new “normal” and our children go back to more regular schedules, that there is a support system in place for parents. CCC is applying for the Payroll Protection Program that opens back up next week but they need financial support to bridge the gap between the last of their savings and this financial input. $3500 will probably get them through. Can you help?

If you can, please send a check for whatever amount, to Community Child Care of Nassau, PO BOX 3, Nassau, NY 12123 or go to the donate button on this website.

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